Gurneet Singh

Deep humility when practicing; total self-assurance when executing.

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    London, UK
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    Hybrid Trader
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    5 years
Meet Gurneet Singh

Gurneet joined Trading MasterClass in early 2020 and it was obvious (almost immediately) that he was one to watch! With his already impressive background within the financial industry, Gurneet was able to grasp the TMC trading strategies and management techniques quickly and with precision. But Gurneet is not only technically savvy, he also highly values community and has proven himself time and time again to be a collaborative, team player. We're super excited to follow Gurneet's trading journey over the next few years and are honoured to have him as a valued member of our club. Check out the full interview below!

When did your trading journey first begin?

I studied Economics at University and delved into the Universities’ investment societies. Although it was relatively amateur, it gave me my first taste for the markets. When I left University, one of my first jobs was at a broker in Barcelona (2015). There was an active trading desk in spot FX and Equity options. My curiosity for the markets swelled and I learned the fundamentals of trading.

Soon after that, I enrolled in wealth management exams to become a Chartered Wealth Manager whilst also gaining industry experience working for a small fund and a Prime Broker as a relationship manager. Working within the field allowed me to view markets – especially technicals – through a different lense. I have been trading ever since – including different asset classes and instruments – and also experimenting with quantitative strategies. I love it!

Gurneet sharing his trades in the TMC Club
Gurneet sharing his trades in the TMC Club
What was it that made you want to pursue trading?

Financial markets have been at the centre of the world for decades; they are the rhythm and pulse of the globe we live in. To be within that sphere is exciting, but also a challenge as the intricacies within financial markets are profound. Whilst technical knowledge is a prerequisite to success, there is a behavioural or mental battle that is required when investing or trading. Demystifying what the markets are saying – providing you with a bias – whilst balancing the fast paced and mentally taxing nature of it, is what compels me.

"Financial markets have been at the centre of the world for decades; they are the rhythm and pulse of the globe we live in."

Having an edge in financial markets emanates from a deep consideration of probabilities. Those who direct themselves to positions where the probabilities are better than other times, will usually succeed. Discounting positions – due to the low probabilistic outcome – is equally as important.

Lastly, if the probabilities have shifted, strengthening your overall bias and creating a favourable environment – be aggressive, be offensive. The probabilities of an outcome and your aggression (whether you are offensive or defensive) should be tethered to one another; this is an indispensable creed heeded by the best traders and long term investors. These daily battles and conflicts bring me to the charts everyday.

"Be aggressive, be offensive"
What is something unexpected that you love about trading?

I have a fondness for assessing risk – something that no teenager, when they were younger, said they wish to do as an adult!

Assessing risk – as well as the probabilities of those risks manifesting – is how I model every trade. As the risks accrete then my risk premium increases – the amount of reward required to satisfy the risk at hand. One must never forget the symbiotic relationship between risk and reward. You wouldn’t be happy investing in BTC if it yielded the same as a treasury bill!

"One must never forget the symbiotic relationship between risk and reward."
What are one to three books that have profoundly impacted your journey? Why?

I have a confession – I have never read a trading book in my life.

The books that I read have little to do with financial markets. A great book I read last year was called, 'Thirst'. I would highly recommend this to you all.

To stay on top of things, I do follow a few fund managers or research teams on twitter and read their journals. Or, a good start if you’re new to financial markets would be The Economist or The FT.

What new belief, behaviour, or habit has helped you gain the most forward momentum since becoming a trader?

There are two creeds – relating to the mind – which I have adopted recently and have noticed an improvement in my overall clarity, as well as, my own sanity!

1) Understanding the prospect of fallibility. We are humans, we are fallible. The market is a cocktail of thousands of participants. Consequently, sometimes we are going to get it wrong. It could be a bad trade, a bad week, a bad month. You don’t always have to be right. Your focus should be on your edge, improving your edge and learning from mistakes. I would be wary of any trader who said they have ‘mastered trading’ and therefore their learning has ceased.

"You don’t always have to be right. Your focus should be on your edge, improving your edge and learning from mistakes."

2) Thinking critically. This can be applied to anything, but question your biases, challenge anything that you have read/learned and always ask why! Few good things require a scant application of the brain.

What advice would you give to an inspired, driven individual about to step into the trading world?

Take your time – be reasonable with your progress and trajectory.

There are some excellent investors/traders who have taken 5+ years to reach a very high level.

In the beginning, trading should be categorical and robotic. Once you have understood the rudimental principles, add nuance and discretion.

Lastly, if you are a part of a community – use it! You can leverage other’s experiences and insights to expedite your process. At some stage, we were all amateur traders.

Gurneet collaborating within the TMC Club
Gurneet collaborating within the TMC Club
How has Trading MasterClass assisted your evolution?

I think the community is unique; composed of people across the globe, with different backgrounds, culture and careers. It’s diversity underpins it’s greatness as there is an ability to seek an array of perspectives, but it’s also a source for encouragement and motivation. People within the community have a high propensity to help anyone out and across all facets of life. The community has helped me develop as a trader, but also adds a sense of fun to the markets. They're a great bunch!

"You don’t always have to be right - your focus should be on your edge"
"You don’t always have to be right - your focus should be on your edge"
What is your next immediate trading goal?

Keep learning, keep building and diversify into various asset classes and styles.

Any final words of wisdom?

A quote shall suffice:

'Deep humility when practicing; total self-assurance when executing.'

Apply this to your trading or investing.

How can we keep up with you?

Sure – follow me on IG @gurneetsingh92

Or pop me a message in the TMC Club! Would love to speak to some of you.

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