Trading MasterClass Diamond

Scale Your Trading Account To
7-Figures With A Systemized Plan

Trading MasterClass Diamond is a revolutionary trading program designed for the committed trader. TMC Diamond offers access to a private and engaging members club, extensive lesson library, innovative market research, and interactive livestream events. It’s the ultimate package for the ambitious trader looking to scale to 7-figures.

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  • Difficulty
  • The Goal
    7-Figure Trader
  • Membership Length
    12 months
  • Format
What is it?
Trading MasterClass Diamond is a 1 year membership granting access to advanced education, expert coaching, market research, and an exclusive members club. Limited to 200 traders. This is for those committed to their craft and ready to step it up to the next level.
Who is it for?
Trading MasterClass Diamond is for committed traders who are ready to scale their trading accounts to 7-figures and do it through proper systemization.
Where does it happen?
Trading MasterClass Diamond is 100% online and consists of educational video lessons, market research, livestream, and access to an exclusive community of ambitious traders from across the globe. You can work through the content online, on your own time and at your own pace.
How does it work?
Work through the Trading MasterClass Lesson Library + the Trading Blueprint Lesson Library, watch the Evolve Series (for mindset), participate in the live coaching sessions, and ask questions + share insights within the TMC Club. Follow the blueprints given, work on your mind, get results.
When does it start?
Trading MasterClass Diamond is a 1 year membership, and begins the moment you register. You can work through the lessons and content on your own time and at your own pace (for the 12-month duration of your subscription).
Why does it exist?
Trading MasterClass Diamond was created to show a committed trader how to properly systemize their approach so they can scale their trading account to new levels.

Take it to the next level.

Trading MasterClass Diamond expands your knowledge base.

Deep dive into over 200+ videos, including the revolutionary Trading Blueprint course content which is unique to TMC Diamond and expands your knowledge base in 4 main areas: self-awareness, performance optimization, trading plan systemization, future planning. In the Archives section, you'll find an advanced workshop on trader psychology that will guide you to new highs. With this advanced content, you'll learn a ton about yourself, about trading, and will end up with a personalized trading plan ready to scale.

Our trading

Invest in yourself.
Trading MasterClass

The lesson library.

80+ comprehensive video lessons.
Focused on technical analysis. Self-paced course, suitable for beginners, includes 5 clearly defined technical trading strategies + 3 risk management techniques. Applicable to various financial markets including forex, equities, crypto. (25 hours)

Trade examples.

Exposure to the strategies.
Designed to chronicle the Trading MasterClass trading strategies and management techniques in different market conditions. Trade examples provided from forex, crypto, and equities.


Trader psychology.

16 thought-provoking episodes.
Series focuses on trader psychology, mindset, peak performance, lifestyle, and more. Designed as supplemental learning to complement the technical education and inspire your journey. (25 hours)

Continual support.

Connect with our team live.
Get access to 3-4 livestreams each month where you can ask our team questions, connect with the Trading MasterClass community, and keep yourself on track! Think of this as your consistent touchpoint for support and connection as you navigate your journey.
Trading Blueprint

The next level.

20 video lessons on systemization.
Self-paced, advanced course. Focuses on knowing yourself as a trader, analyzing your past + current performance, defining your trading style, & crafting a mechanical trading plan. Designed to help mitigate emotional trading + discretion through systemization.
*Exclusive to Diamond
The Archives

90 more hours!

The right amount of everything, and a touch more.
Psychology MasterClass (16 hrs),
Investing MasterClass (16 hrs),
Equities MasterClass (14 hrs),
Crypto MasterClass (14 hrs),
and 17 Q&A Livestreams (30 hrs).
Originally aired in 2018-2019.
*Exclusive to Diamond
True clarity came once I had my trading plan ready and backtested.
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Expert Coaching

Get mentored by the best.

Peak performance is part of the game.

We all know that if you are not at your peak, you will not hit your targets. In Trading MasterClass Diamond, you'll get access to specialized peak performance sessions, advanced trading Q&As, mini-lessons, and invaluable insights from other successful TMC traders who are at their peak.

Join our expert events

Get in peak state.
Monthly Coaching Calls

For that exponential growth.

Find the solutions you're looking for.
These group coaching sessions are designed as immersive learning experiences where advanced concepts are tackled and intimate time with our coaches is had. These peak performance based sessions (and advanced trading Q&As) will promote and trigger exponential growth, both technically and psychologically. 1 session per month.
*Exclusive to Diamond
Chronicles Live

Our trader podcast.

Where the raw insights can be found.
Here you will be exposed to new perspectives from our expert trading team and have access to insightful interviews from other high-performing traders within the TMC Club. Learn from everyone's lessons, not just your own. 1 session per month.
*Exclusive to Diamond
In January 2020 Trading Blueprint came out and for me it was a sign that everything I need is there when I need it.
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Market Research

Stay up to date on the best opportunities.

Get access to our innovative research on forex, stocks, crypto.

Each week, we analyze the best technical opportunities based on our trading strategies and give important insights that we feel will help you succeed. Our research is heavily focused on technical + multi-timeframe analysis with swing trading, day trading, and hybrid trading covered.

Access our

Endless opportunities.

See the bigger picture.

Capitalize on long-term market trends.
Our weekly research guides you through various market conditions, bringing to light the bigger trends. Executable trade ideas + technical insights are provided. Focuses on forex, equities, crypto.
Market Update

Day traders listen up.

Get a 48 hour snapshot of the best opportunities.
Our weekly updates provide you with actionable trade ideas using the Trading MasterClass strategies and management techniques over the next 48-hour period. Focuses on forex, equities, crypto.
You have what it takes to become a great trader.
Yeifry G.
TMC Member & Full-time Trader
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The TMC Club

A place that feels like home.

A high-performing, collaborative community like no other.

Trading MasterClass Diamond offers access to a private members club focused on constant evolution, collaboration, and peak performance. The TMC Club is made up of hundreds of traders from across the globe sharing their insights, trade ideas, & wisdom every day. With our Diamond membership, enjoy access to extra club channels where the 200 most committed TMC traders interact.

Gain access to our private club

Collaboration above competition.
TMC Club

Get connected.

Meet hundreds of traders from across the globe.
The exclusive TMC Club enables you to connect with other ambitious traders, including the team, so you’re never alone on the journey! Share and receive trade ideas, technical insights, book recommendations, resources, and more. This is a revolutionary club experience (and a powerful networking opportunity) that can’t be found anywhere else.
Private Access

The top 200.

Collaborate with the best traders in TMC.
TMC Diamond is exclusive to 200 members and provides a private, unique experience with the most committed traders in our Club.
*Exclusive to Diamond
We are all on similar journeys, heading in similar directions, helping each other along the way.
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Take your trading to the next level.

Navigate the markets with extreme clarity.

Become a Trading MasterClass Diamond member and learn how to scale your trading account to
7-figures with a systemized plan. We provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Trading MasterClass (education)
Evolve (education)
Chronicles (education)
Q&As (livestream)
Insights (research)
Market Update (research)
TMC Club Access (community)
Trading Blueprint (education)*
The Archives (education)*
Coaching Call (coaching)*
Chronicles Live (coaching)*
TMC Club Private Access (community)*
*Exclusive to Diamond
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