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TMC Black
TMC Diamond
Trading MasterClass
Get access to over 80 foundational lessons, 25 hours.
Trading Blueprint
Step it up with 20 advanced lessons, 10 hours.
Reach peak state with 16 riveting episodes, 25 hours.
Enjoy monthly releases highlighting TMC's trading strategies.
last 3 months
The Archives
Lose yourself in 90+ extra hours of world-class trading education.
Join live every week for in-depth technical research.
Market Update
Join live every week for trade ideas + watchlists.
Chronicles LIVE
Hang with the team & see what’s happening behind the scenes.
Coaching Call
Benefit from interactive monthly group coaching calls.
The Club
TMC Club
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full-access, exclusive
TMC Challenge
Coming soon, because boundaries are meant to be pushed.

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Frequently asked questions

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Which membership level should I choose?
If you have no prior trading experience we recommend starting with our TMC Black membership. Once you have a few months (or more) experience, you can consider upgrading to Diamond.

If you're already an experienced trader, and are committed for the long-term, we recommend moving directly into Diamond. In this case, a pro tip is to spend 3-6 months focusing on the Trading MasterClass lesson library (80+ lessons), then moving onto Trading Blueprint (20 lessons).

Note - our programs are self-paced, as we all learn differently, so it will be up to you to keep yourself accountable throughout the month/year.
How do I upgrade to the next membership level?
If you are subscribed to TMC Black Monthly Membership, and wish to upgrade to TMC Black Annual Membership, please navigate to the account settings within your members dashboard and switch your billing frequency to annual.

If you are subscribed to TMC Black Monthly Membership, and wish to upgrade to TMC Diamond, please first cancel your current subscription within the account settings of your members dashboard. You can then upgrade to our Diamond Membership here

If you are subscribed to TMC Black Annual Membership, and wish to upgrade to TMC Diamond, please contact us at and we will credit the remaining period of your existing membership towards your upgrade fee. 
Which financial markets does TMC focus on?
We have a heavy focus on the foreign exchange market (forex), however our strategies and management techniques are based on technical analysis (classical charting techniques, price action patterns) and can be easily applied to various financial markets. Once you're a member, we encourage you to navigate to Season 2 of the TMC Lesson Library. This Season is called "Picking a Market", and covers forex, equities, and cryptocurrency in depth. Our Trading Coaches also cover and analyze various markets within our recurring live events each week/month (including forex, equities, crypto).
Do you have any sample content I can check out?
How do I get in touch?
You can reach our team anytime at We’d love to hear from you.
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