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Trading reflects your inner world.

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Meet Alvin Chandra

Alvin is a full-time day trader from Indonesia. He is a long-time member of Trading MasterClass, and in October 2023, made the leap to join the TMC Enigma program. When Alvin's trading journey first began, he was drawn to trading by its promise of true freedom, but as he delved deeper into the markets, Alvin discovered a profound journey of self-discovery and emotional resilience. Join us as Alvin shares his insights, unexpected discoveries, and aspirations for the future in this enlightening interview.

When did your trading journey first begin?

I initially got exposed to trading when I was 13 years old, that was when I got to IP, but I wasn't taking trading seriously then. Mid 2020 was when I started taking it more seriously.

A laptop displaying Forex charts
Alvin's trading setup
What was it that made you want to pursue trading?

I initially got attracted to trading because it can give me financial, time and location freedom, but over time, I realized that there's much more to it. The emotional mastery that you develop throughout your trading journey and the constant evolution of the self... these make me want to pursue trading even more.

What is something unexpected that you love about trading?

What I love is that trading makes you understand yourself on a deeper level. It reflects your inner world. It shows you things that you may not even aware about yourself. So, mastering trading would mean mastering oneself.

"It reflects your inner world."
What new belief, behaviour, or habit has helped you gain the most forward momentum since becoming a trader?


"Any belief that interferes with you getting what you want is a limiting belief."

This may sound simple but something worth reflecting on.

"You create your own reality."


Meditation - I started a habit of doing daily meditation. Minimum 30 minutes each session. The benefit to my trading and my life in general is big. This allows me to have more patience, more focus, and the most importantly, to manage my thoughts and emotions better.

A photo of Alvin in Italy
Alvin in Italy
What do you believe are the three most important characteristics of a successful trader?

To be a successful trader you need to be:

Disciplined & Committed - On following your trading plan. On doing the things you said you would do.

Determined - Willing to do whatever it takes.

Focused - Pure focus, like obsessed with it.

What advice would you give to an inspired, driven individual about to step into the trading world?

Just do it. Make that leap. Quantum jump.

"Just do it."
How has Trading MasterClass assisted your evolution?

In this community, I got to meet other traders with different backgrounds and experiences. What I like about it is that whenever I got stuck on some challenges, often there would be someone who has been through it in the past that can give me insights on how to overcome it. Pointing me to where I need to go.

A screenshot of an achievement Alvin shared in the TMC Club
Alvin shared this inspiring achievement in the TMC Club
When you’re experiencing chaos, struggling with your performance, or are in draw down, what do you do?

Whenever I'm feeling or emotional or experiencing chaos, anger, frustration or stress, or something I don't like, I firstly just simply be aware of it. Know that I am currently feeling those emotions. (Acceptance).

It's important to not be angry or beat yourself up for having those emotions (this is what I have been doing in the past). Not only will the initial emotions remain, but you will add anger to it. Adding fuel to the fire. And I can guarantee you will only feel more stress, anger and frustration. So instead I meditate on those feelings, just by observing the feeling, you started to notice that the intensity of those feelings are constantly changing, it keeps fluctuating, up and down, but eventually it will fade away just by observing it instead of reacting to it.

Only after those emotions have faded away, I start to ask some questions:

Trading wise

Did I follow my trading plan? -> If yes, is there something that I can do differently to make the result better? -> Good, now journal it, and move on.

Did I follow my trading plan? -> If not, why? -> Good, now journal it, and move on.

Life in general

Why did I feel that way? -> How can I make it better? -> Good, implement it, and move on.

A photo of Alvin in France
Alvin in France
What is your next immediate trading goal?

Growing my account to 7 figures.

Any final words of wisdom?
Do what you love, and love what you do.
How can we keep up with you?

Let's get to know one another, you can DM me through TMC slacks or my Instagram: @alvindhonny.


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