Trading MasterClass 3.0

Evolution in every sense.

Designed for those who defy mediocrity and change the world, Trading MasterClass 3.0 is by far the most powerful program we’ve ever offered. With an immersive members’ club, extensive lesson library, innovative market research, and consistent livestream events, it’s the ultimate trading program for the new or experienced trader.

  • Difficulty
    Beginner - Advanced
  • Lesson Library
    200+ hours
  • Livestreams
    10+ per month

Pro lessons.
Pro teachers.
Pro performance.

Trading MasterClass 3.0 sets a new standard.

It not only teaches you how to become a successful technical trader, but also expands your mind in ways you’d never expect. That’s because it’s been built from the ground up by traders for traders, with constant evolution and peak performance in mind.

Our original
trading courses

Invest in yourself.
Trading MasterClass

The foundation.

80+ 4k video lessons totalling 25 hours.
Self-paced course, suitable for all levels, includes 5 clearly defined technical trading strategies + 3 risk management techniques. Applicable to various financial markets including forex, equities, and cryptocurrency.
Trading Blueprint

The next level.

20 video lessons totalling 10 hours.
Self-paced, advanced course. Focuses on knowing yourself as a trader, analyzing your past + current performance, defining your trading style, and crafting a mechanical trading plan. Designed to assist traders to mitigate emotional trading and discretion.

Peak performance.

16 thought-provoking episodes, 25 hours.
Originally aired in 2020. Series focuses on psychology, peak performance, lifestyle, and more. Designed as supplemental learning to complement the technicals. Hosted by Irek Piekarski and Jonny Godfrey (combined 15+ years market experience).

Diary of a trader.

Video log of TMC’s most interesting trades.
Monthly video releases lead by Irek Piekarski with team features. Designed to capture and chronicle the TMC Team’s performance (and lessons learned) throughout the year. Includes short trade videos, mini-lessons, and market highlights.
The Archives

90 more hours!

The right amount of everything, and a touch more.
Psychology MasterClass (16 hrs),
Investing MasterClass (16 hrs),
Equities MasterClass (14 hrs),
Cryptocurrency MasterClass (14 hrs),
and 17 Q&A Livestreams (30 hrs).
Originally aired in 2018-2019, hosted by Irek Piekarski and team.
Not only is this a trading course but something that will change your whole perspective on life.
Meet our members

Stay up to date with our pro traders.

From technical market research to interactive coaching calls, 3.0 has it all.

You’ll be able to connect virtually with our trading instructors in real time, deepen your knowledge on a wide range of technical and psychological topics, and access previous livestream recordings at anytime.

Join our

Connect in real time.

See the bigger picture.

Get access to in-depth market research.
2 hr livestream every other Friday hosted by Irek Piekarski. Designed to guide you through various market conditions, bringing to light the bigger trends within the global markets. Executable trade ideas + technical insights are provided. Focuses on forex, equities, and cryptocurrency.
Market Update

Day traders listen up.

Get a 48 hour snapshot of the best opportunities.
1 hr livestream event held on Mondays and Wednesdays hosted by Jonny Godfrey. Designed to provide you with actionable trade ideas using the TMC strategies and management techniques over the next 48-hour period.
Chronicles Live

What’s going on behind the scenes?

Grab your coffee and come hang out.
Casual livestreams where you’ll get to hang out with our traders, chat about interesting market developments, and get exclusive sneak peek into what the TMC Team is working on behind the scenes. These livestreams will happen spontaneously throughout the month.
Monthly Coaching Calls

For that exponential growth.

Gain access to 12 uniquely themed sessions.
These advanced group coaching sessions (1 per month) are designed to create magical learning experiences and make every moment of screen time worth it. Get ready to experience exponential growth both technically, and psychologically.
The Club

A place that feels like home.

A transformative, high-performing community centred around collaboration.

What’s more important than human connection? Absolutely nothing. That’s why TMC offers access to a private and immersive Members’ Club centred around connection, collaboration, and oneness.

Gain access to our club

Collaboration over competition.
TMC Club

Get connected.

Meet hundreds of real traders from across the globe.
The TMC Club lets you connect with other traders, including the team, so you’re never alone on the journey. Share and receive trade ideas, book recommendations, technical insights, and much more. A revolutionary club experience that simply can’t be found anywhere else.
TMC Challenge

Push yourself.

Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.
Brand new feature of Trading MasterClass 3.0 starting early 2021. Because boundaries are meant to be pushed…
Become A  Member

Unleash your full potential.

Navigate the markets with certainty.

Become a Trading MasterClass member and gain access to our immersive members’ club, extensive lesson library, innovative market research, and consistent livestream events. There is no better time to step it up and become the creator of your own reality.