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    Since 2017
Meet Henk de Leeuw

Henk encompasses everything it means to be a trader! He understands and applies the technical aspect, he welcomes the self-development and mindset work, and he takes optimal care of his physical health. Henk is all around the perfect role model for anyone looking to get into trading, or for anyone wondering what it actually takes to succeed. The Trading MasterClass Team is inspired by Henk's approach to the markets and his willingness to openly collaborate with other traders in the TMC Club. Read the full interview below... and take some notes!

When did your trading journey first begin?

My trading journey began in October 2017 when I was walking to my class (first year student) and one of my friends told me about Bitcoin. I gained great interest as I’ve been interested in the stock market since a very young age. I then started to buy very small amounts of Bitcoin at around $3000 per coin and sold it when BTC hit $7500 that year. I felt that crypto was very volatile and saw that one could trade the “forex market”. That’s when I started digging into trading a bit more.

I had no guidance initially and really tried my own thing using indicators and watching free content here and there. I stayed in this cycle for about 2 years where I tried my own thing with bits of knowledge that I’ve learned from different sources. I did not have that much structure in my trading and I was also studying my degree in mechanical engineering full time, so there were times when I did not commit to trading for certain periods.

I found myself structuring everything around trading, my studies, training and sleep. I started waking up at 5 am religiously, skipping class and self-studying all my university work, all to be on the charts throughout the day. I knew I had a great passion to become successful in the financial markets and that engineering is not my long term vision and purpose for my life, so I realised I need some guidance. I came across TMC in 2018 and in 2019 and I took the 14 day free-trial, but I didn’t commit fully just yet. I signed up in 2020 and have been going full speed since then. 2020 was my final year in university and with lockdown and everything that came to a stand still, I had so much time to spend backtesting and refining.

Henk's AUDJPY trade from July '21
Henk's AUDJPY trade from July '21
What was it that made you want to pursue trading?

Trading gave me a new perspective and I realised how much freedom it can bring you. I am someone who THRIVES doing my own thing and not working for someone or following someone else’s orders. With trading you are your own boss, managing your own time, doing your own thing. I enjoy the fact that trading gives you the opportunity to not be location dependent. Like I mentioned above, I enjoy working in my own lane and creating my own path, not following someone else’s idea of how I should live my life. Trading is a perfect fit as it is very unique to each individual due to the psychological nature of financial markets, as well as the fact that I have time to focus on other things I feel passionate about and create my reality as I choose it to be.

I also found value in knowing one can build wealth through trading, which is definitely something that I feel aligns with my purpose here on earth. Life is much bigger than just myself and I want to make a difference in as many areas of life as possible and creating wealth is one of them.

Henk watching sunset in Cape Town.
"Trading gave me a new perspective"
What is something unexpected that you love about trading?

The extreme level of self-growth and development. Who ever thought that candlesticks on a screen can make you dig so deep into your inner-self, to truly discover who you are as a being, how you think, feel and what gives you that spark in life! Trading was the reason I had to really “feel” myself in order to grow, adapt and evolve, because this is the only way one can overcome certain limiting beliefs.

"Who ever thought that candlesticks on a screen can make you dig so deep into your inner-self."

The level of awareness one develops with this whole self development process is also a massive blessing. Having a higher level of awareness brings so much more joy, purpose and excitement out of life. I love it!

I really thought I had myself figured out, someone who really knows himself, just to realise that I had so many beliefs and ways of thinking that I need to improve and re-program. I learnt so much about myself and from where I came, thinking I got my stuff figured out, I now look back, feeling like a completely different person with much better thinking patterns and beliefs that are grounded in abundance, love, joy, growth and positivity. For this I am forever grateful.

What are one to three books that have profoundly impacted your journey? Why?

I don’t read that many books and the ones I read are mostly self development books.

As for reading in general, Unshakeable by Tony Robbins has really made a meaningful impact in my life. Mentioning Tony Robbins might be a cliché answer as so many people would call his name when asked this question, but there is a reason why so many people follow Tony Robbins. This book is great for someone who wants to learn a bit more about psychology and great general tips and habits one can apply.

I enjoy watching videos and listening to audios where people discuss interesting concepts or talk about their journey to success and the hurdles they had to overcome. I learn a lot this way and I reflect back on what I learned from them to implement it in my own life. I don’t have a specific person to recommend, but I would say be open to learn and receive insight from others and reflect on what you’ve learned to imprint that new information.

Living the trader lifestyle.
"Be open to learn and receive insight"
What new belief, behaviour, or habit has helped you gain the most forward momentum since becoming a trader?

A new habit that has definitely helped, and changed me tremendously, is to meditate. I think many can relate that it is a game changer to visualise, to break limiting beliefs and to change your way of thinking. Reflecting back on events and on your day is so important, as I really developed and changed for the better, 1 day at a time.

To meditate is to enter a world in the non-physical where you can tap into your psychology so much deeper and build yourself up to becoming that person that aligns with your purpose. Meditation is food for your soul if I can put it like that, feeding yourself daily with love, joy, compassion, abundance and much more!

For anyone who hasn’t yet started, “Don’t wait, meditate ;-)”

A general behaviour that I have gained is to focus on improving every aspect of my life. Trading was the catalyst that made me pursue to be better, grow and adapt in all areas of life. This behaviour gave me so much forward momentum as my trading definitely improves as I improve myself.

Henk in contemplation.
"Meditation is food for your soul"
What advice would you give to an inspired, driven individual about to step into the trading world?

Trading is not a thing you do on your computer, it’s a lifestyle. To really succeed as a trader, one should not only understand charts, but also yourself (true inner being). To live a lifestyle of growth, having awareness and to have a mindset of continually adapting is key. To become good at something can take time, so don’t rush things. Rather focus on being in peak state everyday, follow your plan and learn from your mistakes, as they are usually what you can learn the most from.

"Trading is not a thing you do on your computer, it’s a lifestyle."

Confidence and patience is key. Having the confidence to execute your plan and your way of decision making is important, don’t let someone who took a trade make you FOMO or break your confidence, because they view the markets a bit differently.

You can’t fail if you don’t give up! Always strive to be better than yesterday. This is an amazing journey of self-discovery, new perspectives and tons of self-improvements, embrace it all!

Be prepared to be knocked down, but build yourself up stronger. Every trader definitely experienced times when they put massive effort in to see little to no results. That’s when you stay true to yourself, reflect, refine, adapt and keep going. The skies will clear up and a brighter tomorrow lies ahead. “Success and failure is written in ice and tomorrow the sun shines again”, prime yourself for success every single day.

How has Trading MasterClass assisted your evolution?

Well, where do I start, haha. Honestly, Trading MasterClass really assisted me in providing a community that supports me, expands my way of thinking, motivates me and really teaches me to be a trader MYSELF and not be reliant on someone else.

It is incredible what a good support structure can provide you and TMC is an amazing community full of people who have really supported, helped and advised me where I can improve and refine my trading, psychology and general life. The biggest part for me is to be connected with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you, that is off-course to be a successful trader, as well as creating a life that is much out of the ordinary.

To Irek, Molly, Jonny, Kris and all the other people in the community who have helped me over my journey thus far, you are awesome! Your never ending support and care is truly appreciated.

Henk with his lovely partner on the farm
"Incredible what a good support structure can provide"
What is your next immediate trading goal?

My next immediate goal is to trade full time while being an entrepreneur, rather than an engineer. I have a great passion for entrepreneurship and have amazing ideas of what I will be doing in the near future. Included in this goal is to move to Cape Town (South Africa) as it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world in my opinion.

I really enjoy living a fit lifestyle and I would enjoy spending more time doing outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking, all which are very common in Cape Town.

Any final words of wisdom?

Never settle for someone else’s standards or what you think society expects of you. Live life how you want, you have the freedom to choose EVERYDAY. Life is an amazing journey of self-discovery - embrace this.

I’ve probably read through every single post of Irek on Instagram. One of the captions that really stayed in my heart is this one:

“No matter what you decide to do in life, there is a path to get there.

That’s not to say it’ll be an easy path, probably much the contrary.

But we didn’t come here for easy, did we? We came for challenge, for growth, for joy, for pain, for all emotions that come with human existence.

So embrace them all.”

How can we keep up with you?

My Instagram is @henk.de.leeuw. I am fairly active on Insta, but I am always open to DM’s on slack. I really enjoy engaging and I am always open for conversation, trading related or not.


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