Cameron Baxter

If someone else can do this, then so can I.

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  • Location
    Perthshire, Scotland
  • Trader Personality
    Hybrid Day Trader
  • Experience
    Since 2020
Meet Cameron Baxter

Within mere weeks of Cameron joining Trading MasterClass, the team knew he was one to watch! Not only has Cameron grasped the trading strategies quickly (he already hit a 16% month in Sept 2020), but he's also proven himself to be a collaborative team player, with a seriously strong work ethic. Big things are in store for Cameron, and we couldn't be happier to have him represent the TMC Club! Check out the full interview with Cameron below...

When did your trading journey first begin? 

My trading journey began back in March 2020. I have had interest in trading for the last few years, however, finally took the big step at the beginning of this year. 

What was it that made you want to pursue full-time (or part-time) trading? 

I have always been interested in financial freedom. I dream to be able to look after my family and be able to control my own income. I don't like the idea of working long hours to put money in someone else's pocket. I spent the last 2 years opening up my own restaurant which sadly had to close due to Covid-19, so during lockdown I felt it was a sign to get into something I was always interested in, which is trading. I finally reached out to Jonny, who I knew through his girlfriend Nadia, and he mentioned Trading MasterClass and I have never looked back.

Cameron with his lovely partner.
Cameron with his lovely partner.
What is something unexpected that you love about trading? 

I love the idea that there is never a final answer. I approached trading with the mindset that if someone else can do this, then so can I. I was under the impression that if I “learnt how to trade” then that would be it. Boom. However, I now know it’s not like that. I have understood that trading is a journey, there will never be a final answer, only constant growth of knowledge and intuition. 

"I approached trading with the mindset that if someone else can do this, then so can I."
What are one to three books that have profoundly impacted your trading journey / life in general? Why? 

Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday – Just a fantastic way to wake up in the morning. Aligns me with my day, something to live by for the day. Love it. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie - I myself have been in mental blocks & struggles. Feel as though you get so far in life and then an outside factor just takes it all away from you. This book helped me communicate my feelings to those closest to me. Trading can be stressful, always nice to exhale. 

Mindset by Carol Dweck - recently finished, this enhanced my belief that everything & anything can be learned. Highly recommend. 

Cameron on the far right, in his traditional Scottish attire!
Cameron on the far right, in his traditional Scottish attire!
What new belief, behaviour, or habit has helped you gain the most forward momentum since becoming a trader? 

Meditation/routine - I still work in a 9-5 so my morning meditation and routine really has helped keep me disciplined to achieve my goals. Still early on in my journey, but I have felt like these simple practices have a huge impact. A new belief I have gained through trading, is that its not me vs the markets, the market provides us with endless opportunities and its up to us as traders to take them. Once I realised and understood this, momentum really shifted.

"The market provides us with endless opportunities and its up to us as traders to take them."
What advice would you give to an inspired, driven individual about to step into the trading world? 

Come into it believing that there is no way you can’t learn it. Trading is what you make of it, it doesn't just come to you over night. I am nowhere near the trader I want to be yet, but I am working my a** off to get there. I would also advise a driven individual to get involved with the community, ask questions and let people with more experience than you express their opinion and grow from it. Collaboration is key!

Cameron out spending time with friends.
Cameron out spending time with friends.
How has Trading MasterClass assisted your evolution? 

Assisted? TMC is my evolution! I knew the slightest of basics before joining Trading MasterClass. The value, community & insights is just absolutely mad. I am forever grateful! I am still very early in my trading journey, however, I know that under the guidance of Irek, Molly, Jonny, Kris & Morgan that the opportunities are endless.

What is your next immediate trading goal?

My immediate trading goal is to become full-time. Every life decision I make is relevant to becoming a full-time trader. Most likely through prop/funding. 

"Every life decision I make is relevant to becoming a full-time trader."
Any final words of wisdom? 

Become the trader you want to be, not the trader you need to be. Spend the time to create the routines & trading plan that suits you as an individual. Be proud of it, it’s your plan, unique to you. 

How can we keep up with you?

Instagram: cameronbaxter__fx, or Facebook: Cameron Baxter, and I'm also active in TMC Club!


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