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Learn to trade, quit your job, discover more freedom.

Trading MasterClass is a comprehensive trading program that teaches you how to trade the financial markets - from A to Z - with no prior experience necessary.

Who it's for

Trading MasterClass is designed for the ambitious individual who is ready to step into the world of trading. You may be a novice with no experience or someone looking to level up your trading skills. You're seeking freedom - from the 9 to 5 grind, from financial constraints, from the unpredictability of your income. You're ready to invest in yourself. You're driven by the desire to take charge of your financial destiny and ready to change your life for the better. If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

What it helps you achieve

Over a 12-month period you will learn...

  • How to find, execute, and manage high probability trading ideas.
  • How to implement peak performance strategies to increase results.
  • How to optimize and build custom trading systems.
  • How to transition to full-time trading.
  • How to manage your own capital.
  • How to scale your account.

and as a result...

  • Outperform the market.
  • Quit your day job.
  • Become a full-time trader.
  • Scale to $1,000,000.
  • Live your dream life.
  • And reach financial, time, and location freedom.
What members are saying
How it works

Trading MasterClass gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Education: 50+ video lessons providing step-by-step instructions on how to trade the financial markets. We cover the entire trading system and the peak performance system. Plus, we show you how to personalize those systems and create the life of your dreams. It's a 12-month program.
  • Live Events: During the first three weeks of each month, we host daily events to review the previous day, answer questions, and prepare for the day ahead. We all take the fourth week off each month to celebrate, rest and prepare for the next three-week sprint. Work-life balance.
  • Community: High-performing community (the “TMC Club”) where you can hang out with others on the same journey as you. A place that feels like home.
How to get started

If you're committed to charting a path to trading mastery and financial independence, it's time to take action -

Become a member of our trading program via the link below! If you have questions, please email us at