Trading MasterClass

Scale Your Trading Account To
7-Figures With A Systemized Plan

TMC One is an engaging mastermind that shows you how to trade the financial markets using hyper-systemization while performing at peak. It’s the ultimate package for the ambitious trader looking to scale to 7-figures.

Who it's for

TMC One is for you if you’re a committed trader, investor, business owner, or inspired individual looking to increase your capital to 7-figures. You should have the time and money necessary to learn the skill of trading, and to scale when the time is right. If this is you, you may be struggling with finding a systemized trading approach that will allow you to tackle the financial markets with no emotion, chaos, or confusion, so you can make consistent profits.

What it helps you achieve

Imagine a MasterMind that:

  • Focuses exclusively on helping high-performers increase their wealth.
  • Using technical trading strategies and management techniques.
  • That are clearly defined in systemized trading plans.
  • Using the support of a global community of inspired traders.
  • Where everybody is aligned towards the same goal: profit, freedom, happiness.
  • That’s run by Irek Piekarski and team.
  • Where the focus is on implementation and collaboration.
  • That feels like hanging out with friends (but with real trading results).
What members are saying
How it works

TMC One gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Education: 150+ video lessons, providing step-by-step instructions on how to trade the markets (forex, stocks, crypto) and how to create a proper trading plan. Access to a Psychology MasterClass to keep your mindset in check, plus monthly trade videos for extra exposure to our strategies.
  • ‍Research: 2-4 live events each week, where our founder breaks down what’s happening in the markets, shares his watchlist with the best opportunities for the day/week, and reviews any trades our members are considering taking. Recordings are provided.
  • Coaching: 1x live coaching event each month, dedicated to a unique lecture followed by a Q&A session. This ensures you're always aligned with the latest trends, techniques, and market insights.
  • Community: High-performing community (the “TMC Club”) where you can hang out with others on the same journey as you. A place that feels like home.
How to get started

If you're committed to charting a path to trading mastery and financial independence, it's time to take action -

Become a member of our trading program via the link below! If you have questions, please email us at